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The 'Stella Alpina Motociclistica Internazionale' is currently consigned to history

Please read the update further down the page for more details.


The Stella Alpina Rally, officially named the Stella Alpina Motociclistica Internazionale, was an annual meet and trail ride up the Colle del Sommeiller in Bardonecchia, Italy. It offered the highest possible off-road track in the Alps at 3,009 metres (around 9,872 feet) and had taken place every year from 1966 until 2023.

It was always on the second Sunday in July. In the days leading up to 'the Stella', Bardonecchia started to fill with bikes. There was nothing quite like arriving in town to the buzzing atmosphere of fellow riders from all over with a shared interest and mission.

For some, the idea of riding on an unsurfaced track seemed daunting, however the track was reasonably negotiable and you would often see a wide variety of bikes riding the Stella, not just adventure and trail bikes.

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The next Stella Alpina Rally:

The final Stella Alpina Rally was on Sunday 9th July 2023.

and all future years

The 'Stella Alpina Motociclistica Internazionale' is currently consigned to history

Yes, unfortunately it's official ...but it's not an end to visiting Bardonecchia or continuing to ride some of the off-road tracks in the region.

The following emails dated 19 June 2024 from Alberto Borello, the event organiser for many years, provide more information:


Friends and fellow motorcyclists, warm greetings to all of you.

I regret to have to communicate that, contrary to what is known to date, the motorcycle trip to the mountains, Stella Alpina, a classic meeting between two-wheel enthusiasts, on the second Sunday of July, to climb the Sommeiller pass, has been cancelled.

This decision was considered the most appropriate, after a meeting which took place on Friday 14th, in the presence of all the local managers of the law enforcement agencies, the municipal administration, the CNSAS (National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps), the SAGF (Rescue Alpino of the Guardia di Finanza), the relevant Agricultural Association, the Manager of the Refuge, Pro Natura, the Italian Alpine Club, the undersigned as a person informed of the facts.

There are mainly three reasons: since the event is completely self-managed, there is no reference organizer for contacts with the PS; it is not possible to guarantee a level of safety and emergency response adequate for the number of participants and the environment in which the event takes place; the negative impact of such events on the Alpine ecosystem.

At this point the Police Department, responsible for the event, took note of the situation.

For these reasons, some of those present proposed the end of this event as the only possible solution.

No one set out to avoid this decision.

Here, therefore, is the reason for this brief communication that I am making to all of you, friends of Stella Alpina, so that you are informed about the state of affairs.

Good luck to everyone.


Dear Bob, good morning.

I have just sent a message to you and to English motorcyclist friends who have been, since the beginning, the "hard core" of the event created and promoted by the great Mario Artusio.

A brief explanation of what happened.

In essence, the police want an organizer responsible for safety, rescue, healthcare and registration of participants.

This would mean taking on considerable responsibilities as well as considerable organizational and insurance costs.

And, in any case, it would mean being liable, civilly and criminally, for whatever happens. It would mean imposing a participation fee, which Mario has always refused.

Stella Alpina has always been about freedom and friendship, self-management.

In the fateful meeting, I asked if there was anyone available to take on and share the responsibility for the new management with me: no one.

So, excuse me, but ..........I raised the "white flag".

Best regards.


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