The Stella Alpina Rally, officially named the Stella Alpina Motociclistica Internazionale, is an annual meet and trail ride up the Colle del Sommeiller in Bardonecchia, Italy. It offers the highest possible off-road track in the Alps at 3,009 metres (around 9,872 feet) and has taken place every year since 1966.

The date for your diaries is the second Sunday in July. In the days leading up to 'the Stella', Bardonecchia starts to fill with bikes. There's nothing quite like arriving in town to the buzzing atmosphere of fellow riders from all over with a shared interest and mission.

For some, the idea of riding on an unsurfaced track may seem daunting, however the track is reasonably negotiable and you will often see a wide variety of bikes riding the Stella, not just adventure and trail bikes.

Head over to the FAQs page for more details on what to expect.

The next Stella Alpina Rally:

Sunday 10th July 2022