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What is the date of the next Stella Alpina Rally?

It is always the second Sunday in July, every year.

The upcoming one is Sunday 9th July 2023.


Are there tickets for this event? / Do I have to book anything? / Do I have to check-in when I arrive?

No, there is nothing to book and nowhere to check-in. Just show up. There's no cost associated with doing this event*** other than if you wish to purchase a badge or T-shirt - details on these further down.

***It is likely there may now be a daily toll charge of 8.00 euros. Please read the Update outlined in red on the Home page.


Is the Stella a race or competitive event? / What time do we start?

No, it’s not a competition. Everyone starts the day whenever they are ready and rides up at their own pace. As the track is one way up and one way down, you will likely find people riding in the opposite direction to you as you go.


How do I find the Stella Alpina track?

You will be riding up to the Colle del Sommeiller.

Coming from Bardonecchia, you will ride up past Rochmolles and then the track begins here.


Do I have to camp?

No. There are a few options, including:

  • Camping on the mountain
    This is wild camping, i.e. no showers and no toilets (except for a single one in the bar - which is far too busy for everyone). The river is used by most people, for most things. You have to do some off-road riding to arrive here so bear in mind that this means you will ride a part of the off-road track with a fully-loaded bike.

  • Staying in accommodation in Bardonecchia
    Good if you want to have a shower and be within walking distance to the pubs/restaurants at the end of the day.

  • Camping in/near Bardonecchia
    The options for official campsites in or near Bardonecchia change from time to time, so you may need to look online at what campsites are open and operational when you’re thinking of going. 


Where is the wild camping on the mountain located?

You can find the wild camping at the Rifugio Scarfiotti.


Do I need an adventure bike or trail bike to do the Stella?

No. Whilst many people do choose to do the Stella on ADV or trail bikes, not everyone does. The original idea of the Stella was to use your normal bike and many participants still do. You may even see ‘unsuitable’ bikes like Harleys, sports tourers, monkey bikes and classic bikes. Just remember with that with any bike you choose to use, you should be ok with the possibility of dropping it.


Do I have to ride there or can I trailer/van my bike?

You can do either, although it depends what you want out of your trip. It is often said that it’s in the spirit of the Stella is to ride your bike there.

How can I get my hands on a badge or T-shirt?

Every year you will find the organiser’s van around 2/3 of the way up the off-road track. It is always stationed where the majority of people are able to reach before the track gets a little more rough. At the van you can usually buy a T-shirt and a badge, however they often sell out if you arrive too late. This year the van is setting up at 9am on the Sunday.


Do I have to reach the top?

There are no requirements - do what you are comfortable with. Anyone is able to pause for a break or turn around and go back at any time. Most people would agree that if you reach the organisers van at least, you can say you have ‘done’ the Stella. 

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